Welcome to Barefoot in the Boardroom!

If you are anything like me, I have about thirty seconds to grab your attention and invite you to read this blog. Over the next few months, I will share my journey of sixteen years as the CEO of Miramar Systems, a successful global technology company formerly located in Santa Barbara, California. Over the course […]

Meetings & the Bjorn Curve

Webster defines the word “meeting” beyond the obvious simplistic – gathering of humans. It means, “to be present at the arrival of,” a noun filled with both intention and fertile expectation. As the overseer of many meetings to come, your position of leadership means you hold the responsibility of Head “Bringer.”  This should trigger the […]

A Viking Tale

1150 A.D At the top of the known world, a small cadre of men gathered on the mist-enshrouded quay in the small town of Noorsgaarden. Bjorn Borgstrom, Captain of the Long Ship Loki, emerged from the rising fog like an apparition. The fierce men surrounded their tall, broad-shouldered leader with the glistening auburn hair.  Peering […]